Lucilla, Empress of Rome

Lucilla was a daughter of the Emperor of Rome by the time of 180 CE. She was daughter of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, sister of Commodus, and mother of soon-to-be Heir to Rome Lucius Verus. After Commodus murdered Marcus, he became emperor and made Lucilla his consort, threatening her son's life if she refused.

She was portrayed by Connie Nielsen in the 2000 film Gladiator.


Lucilla, as wife of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, was a part of the royal family of Rome. She was the widow of a Roman consort, and had a child Lucius Verus. She was a good friend of the great Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius, and she confronted him after Marcus had announced to him that he would be the next emperor of Rome. She tried to convince him to tell her what happened with the emperor, but he refused to tell her.

Shortly after Commodus had killed the Emperor in a coup, she went to the wake. While Commodus had lied about the Emperor dying in his sleep, she saw through the lies. She later slapped him, but knowing he was now the emperor, she just stepped down.

Empress of RomeEdit

She and Commodus both rode to the capital city in Rome to be crowned Emperor. She embraced Lucius, who ran up to her while Commodus kept on walking up the steps to be crowned. She overheard that Commodus didn't care about the Greek Quarter's plague as told to Senator Gracchus, and later she calmed Commodus down after he raved and ranted about Rome's list of demands for him.

She accompanied Commodus to the gladitorial games with Lucius, and was stunned to find that Maximus was alive after he was supposed to be executed. She assisted him by meeting him with Gracchus, who had defected from the Roman Government to the Gladiators. She was threatened by Commodus when he told her and Lucius the story of Emperor Claudius and the betrayal of him by his own kin, as referring to her help of Maximus. She watched the gladitorial match between Maximus and Commodus, and she witnessed Commodus' death. However, Maximus was maimed by Commodus before the battle, and he died in her hands. Her son, Lucius, would eventually be the next Roman emperor.